San Diego Union-Tribune Endorses in County Supervisor District 1 Race Without Interviewing Republican Candidate Alex Galicia

The San Diego Union-Tribune has failed time and time again to deliver unbiased election coverage to its readers, and the 2020 cycle is no exception. In a time when voters are becoming hyperaware of media bias, one would think that news outlets would hold themselves to a higher standard than they have in the past, but these old dogs really can’t be taught new tricks.

Recently, San Diego’s favorite fake news source released its endorsement for County Supervisor District 1. Rafael Castellanos, one of the eight candidates seeking Greg Cox’s coveted seat, has received the Union-Tribune‘s stamp of approval. Incredibly, the one Republican candidate in the race, Alex Galicia, was functionally excluded from the selection process.

Galicia has received the short end of the proverbial stick since day one. The U-T published interviews with four of the candidates—all Democrats—back in January. They didn’t even bother to reach out to Galicia for any sort of information, claiming that he isn’t a “serious candidate” due to a set of arbitrary criteria. The fact that the U-T didn’t even send an email to the Republican Party of San Diego County’s endorsed candidate speaks volumes about their commitment to the truth (or lack thereof).

Thankfully, San Diego News Desk is happy to do the work that the Union-Tribune won’t when it comes to keeping San Diegans informed. To learn more about Alex Galicia’s experience and commitment to service, read our profile on him.


To learn more about Alex Galicia’s campaign, visit AlexForSanDiego.com and connect with him on Facebook.