Trump’s Middle East Peace Plan Gains International Support Despite Contrary Assertions from Ammar Campa-Najjar and other Democrats

President Trump recently announced his comprehensive “Peace to Prosperity” plan regarding relations between Israel and the Palestinians. So far, 23 nations across the globe have expressed their support for this plan, with seven of those countries being from the Middle East.

This plan has been in the works for over three years and is a complex blend of diplomatic and economic policies devised to resume negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians while bringing increased economic prosperity to both sides. The Trump administration has spared no effort to bring the other regional powers in the Middle East into the conversation and they are starting to see positive results. The Palestinians, who remain governed by the Hamas terrorist regime, showed reflexively hostile opposition to the plan, but are being encouraged by other nations in the region—like Saudi Arabia and the UAE—to consider it.

The real problem is not with the plan itself, but with the unwillingness of Palestinians to come to the table and negotiate. They have built their national identity around their enmity with Israel, making it virtually impossible for them to let that go. However, as long as there is sufficient international pressure, there’s a chance for some progress to be made.

Democrats have been complaining about the decline of international relations since President Trump took office, but the reality is quite different. President Trump has united much of the international community with this new plan and is paving the way for peace in the Middle East. Democrats simply refuse to acknowledge that President Trump is capable of doing good work and their denial of reality makes them look petty and ignorant.

Ammar Campa-Najjar, the Democratic candidate for the 50th congressional seat, commented on the peace plan:

Campa-Najjar presents himself as seeking to “bridge the gap” between the parties as a moderate, but he shows his true colors when he talks about President Trump. Plans like this one do not make everyone happy—compromise is required and is difficult to achieve when Palestinians are ruled by a terrorist regime in Hamas that remains committed to the complete destruction of Israel and the Jewish people.

President Trump is making a true effort with broad support from the international community, but the ball is in the Palestinian court now. So it’s unsurprising that some nations were not present at the peace plan announcement. What is surprising is how foolish Campa-Najjar is in criticizing President Trump’s departure from “America’s long-standing approach to the conflict.”

Clearly, that approach does not work, otherwise this problem would have been solved ages ago. A new approach is required and the Trump administration brings a new and much-needed perspective to the issue.