Cal State San Marcos Officials Resigning Following Months of Scandals

After months of scandals related to mismanagement of funds at CSU San Marcos, many school officials are resigning. Two key executives have already left the university and unfortunately for CSUSM, there may be more departures in the near future. 

Michael Schroder and Beth Schroder, Dean of Extended Learning and Senior Director of Philanthropy, respectively, have both departed from the university.  Meanwhile, another official being investigated for funds mismanagement, Wesley Schultz, Dean of Graduate Studies, is currently on administrative leave.

Perhaps the worst part about this situation is that of the multiple officials being investigated, there are still some that haven’t been mentioned. Graham Oberem, the former provost who wasted $82,000 in travel expenses, still may have a teaching position with the university.

Additional officials are also being investigated for financial mismanagement. The scandal could go as high as the president of the university. Former CSUSM President Karen Haynes is also under investigation.

Current President Ellen Neufeldt said, “I have to openly acknowledge that there have been a few instances that can’t be excused as mere clerical oversight. We are seeing trends where travelers frequently purchase upgraded airfare or select hotels where the lodging costs exceed the maximum rates. In some rare cases, I’ve seen things that are simply inexcusable.”

With the news of the officials leaving, it shows that the university is at least doing something with regard to the massive corruption scandal, but there is still so much more to be done.