Prop 13’s Failure may be a Sign of Change in California

Democratic candidates aren’t the only ones who took some big losses in the primary election last week. Prop 13, a $15 billion school bond and the only statewide ballot measure, was shot down by voters, proving that rising resistance to new taxes in California isn’t a myth after all.

Government schools have consistently garnered support from Californians, which is why this defeat came as a shock to Governor Gavin Newsom, a principal supporter of this measure. However, given his overall lack of competence, Newsom shouldn’t have expected anything less from the fed-up citizens of California.

A recent poll from the Public Policy Institute of California found that a majority of Californians believe taxes are too high, no matter where in the state they live. From affluent Marin County to socioeconomically diverse Los Angeles, voters are beginning to turn down new tax measures on the ballot. According to the California Taxpayers Association, at least half of the 230+ local tax measures are spiraling towards defeat.

Going into the November Election, sponsors of tax initiatives should be rightfully worried. Even in the most liberal state in the country, there are limits to how much citizens are willing to give up to their governments. Those trying to run this state like a socialist regime should beware of the backlash, as Californians may finally be willing to fight for a government that protects their money while putting what funds they do have to good use.


Photo by Robert Couse-Baker via Flickr