State Senator Brian Jones Coordinates Successful Blood Donation Event

On Wednesday, State Senator Brian Jones helped coordinate a blood donation event with the American Red Cross and CVS in El Cajon. In total, 36 donors gave blood for a total of 33 pints, which is expected to save up to 99 lives.

The event was a huge success, to say the least. It brought members of the community together for an admirable and worthwhile cause that will surely save lives. Moreover, it showed that during times of crisis, San Diegans are able and willing to come together to serve a greater cause. This speaks to the best of who we are as San Diegans and Americans, and it’s wonderful that Senator Jones played such an important role in facilitating the event.

For those looking to donate blood, there will be more events in the near future to do so. The demand for funding, medical supplies, and blood is extremely high at this time, so it’s a cause well worth serving.