Joe Leventhal Volunteers with San Diego Food Bank

San Diego City Council candidate Joe Leventhal continues to be a voice for the community and a leader among his fellow citizens, as they find their way through the chaos of the COVID-19 pandemic. His latest outreach project has been with the San Diego Food Bank, where he volunteered to deliver over 1,000 meals to families in need, while practicing safe social distancing, of course.

The San Diego Food Bank has done a truly admirable job ensuring that San Diegans in need have access to food and water. These basic necessities are even more important amid the COVID-19 crisis, and the job wouldn’t be possible without the many generous volunteers who recognize the importance of true public service.

This isn’t the first time he’s helped the less fortunate during the crisis. Last week, Leventhal joined up with the SDPOA to help secure needed items for their emergency childcare services center, providing much-needed relief to our first responders in these trying times.

Leventhal’s ongoing community service is a true testament to his decency and his dedication to the San Diego community. In a time where we need inspiring leaders to keep us going, he’s the type of person we should turn to.


For more information about Joe Leventhal’s campaign and ways that you can help in the community, visit JoeForSanDiego.com.