San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones Leading Effort to Assist Local Businesses

San Marcos has been working diligently to help small businesses stay afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Recently, the San Marcos City Council unveiled a $3 million dollar loan program, a vital system to provide relief to those who need it. In addition, San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones announced that the city has approved over $2.17 million dollars in funding for 79 businesses.

“We believe in our community, we believe in our businesses, and we really felt that this was one of the ways we could make a significant impact,” explained Mayor Jones. 

The loan program isn’t the only thing that the City of San Marcos is doing to help its local businesses. They recently took a page from County Supervisor Jim Desmond’s book, and sent out his “San Diego Back To Work” survey to local businesses. This survey has already been highly successful at getting feedback from local businesses regarding plans to reopen safely in the very near future.

Mayor Rebecca Jones and the San Marcos City Council have done an admirable job of providing necessary fiscal relief where it needs to go, and of reaching out to hear from small businesses during these trying times. Their leadership is a beacon to all of San Diego, demonstrating what good can happen when we identify the needs of our community and get to work.


Photo by Ron Mader via Flickr