Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez’s Twitter War with Elon Musk Reveals Her True Character Once Again

Written by Michael Palomba

It seems like I can’t go a week without hearing something disappointing from Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez. However, I never expected what I saw this past weekend:

Well, to be fair, I saw the plethora of national news headlines about it before I even saw the actual tweet.

You may be asking yourself, “What could make an elected official speak to anyone in such a hateful and unprofessional way?” I myself was wondering the same. 

The big reason for her inappropriate tweet was that Elon Musk wanted to reopen his Tesla factory in Fremont. 

Musk was furious regarding the stay-at-home order issued by Alameda County, and rightfully so. These lockdown orders are becoming a blatant violation of our personal freedoms, and that’s something we should all have a problem with. 

Gonzalez, however, isn’t too fond of the Constitution and American values. Instead of handing this professionally, or just not getting involved at all, she handled things in her typical fashion.

This isn’t Gonzalez’s first time in the news for something gross and unprofessional. She’s gotten her five minutes of fame in the past. For example, she has demeaned protestors who wanted their jobs back, shouted “F**k Donald Trump” at a campaign event, and she constantly puts unions over the American people.

Musk responded to her embarrassing tweet simply and effectively.

Musk was already threatening to move his company to Texas or Nevada, and Gonzalez may have given him the final push he needed. 

The other problem is that Gonzalez will not be the one to suffer if Tesla picks up and leaves the state. Tesla employs about 10,000 Californians and pays taxes like any other business. With them gone, more people will be out of work and the state will lose valuable tax revenue from a major corporation. 

And all of this, because Lorena Gonzalez feels like she’s in high school and wanted to be at the center of attention. She even admitted that this was part of her motivation for the vulgar tweet.

Like much of what Gonzalez does, this wasn’t on behalf of workers or any other worthwhile cause. It was purely out of spite and resentment that she holds for anyone more successful than her. While this latest stunt will acquire support from her usual financial backers, it’ll also alienate people who’ve become wary of her routine and thirst for power. Gonzalez is a charlatan and a fraud, and it’s time we recognize her for who she is.