Border Patrol Deployments Increasing Due to Smuggling

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, smugglers are using the crisis as an opportunity to bring drugs and people into the country. As a result, Border Patrol’s presence and activity has necessarily increased, particularly along the coastline.

In addition to coastal patrols, horse patrols have also increased. These patrols make it so that agents can operate in environments that are typically inaccessible on 4×4 or ATVs.

Maritime smuggling on the Pacific coastline has greatly increased, with 129 actions and over three tons of drugs seized since October 1. In addition, nearly 500 people have been arrested in connection with maritime smuggling. 

While Border Patrol’s primary mission here is to seize traffickers and their cargo, they have more recently become something of a rescue force. The agency stated that because many trafficking vessels are poorly equipped for rough waters and overburdened with cargo, they end up capsizing and in need of rescue. As a result, they often require many resources from Border Patrol and local first responders.

Border Patrol is essential to the security of the border, especially now. Many smugglers  believe that because the U.S. is in a state of crisis, that it’s open season. Border Patrol shows that is clearly not the case, allowing us to continue focusing on the task at hand.