Chula Vista Councilmember John McCann Leads Efforts to Reopen Local Businesses

“We need to reopen and get our local economy back on track. We have responsible businesses that will take proper safety precautions to protect their customers and employees,” said Chula Vista City Councilmember John McCann.

Councilmember McCann is working to expedite the reopening of local businesses. McCann has presented and participated in multiple online town hall meetings in collaboration with the Chula Vista Chamber of Commerce designed to provide assistance to small businesses in reopening. Many small businesses are struggling to understand the rules and are getting conflicting information from every level of government.

“I want to remove the obstacles and any confusion, so our business owners and their employees can focus on getting back to work,” McCann added.

Under McCann’s leadership, Chula Vista has implemented several business-friendly policies. McCann successfully led the effort to waive or defer business fees, to prioritize TI permits, and coordinate payment plans with utility providers.

McCann has also been proactive in pushing Chula Vista to relax signage regulations so that businesses can put out signs showing that they are open and indicating where customers can park for curbside pickup. The City has also created free parking on Third Avenue and commercial corridors during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Photo via Flickr