Illegal Immigrants Set to Receive Financial Relief from Governor Newsom as More Citizens Fall into Poverty

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

As of Monday, illegal immigrants in California can now receive $1,000 in aid as a result of Governor Gavin Newsom’s new coronavirus emergency assistance program. The program costs $75 million and is a fund that allows illegal immigrants to receive government assistance despite not being eligible for federal monetary relief.

The fund should’ve been immediately stuck down in court as it violates state law, federal law, and the California Constitution. Nonetheless, complicit judges allowed it to proceed and now Californians are—quite literally—paying the price.

At a time when the unemployment rate in some areas of the state is over 35% and the state is facing a deficit of over $100 million, the fact that the governor is trying to cater to a group that shouldn’t even be here, much less receiving government handouts, shows how misguided his priorities are.

The eligibility description for the relief fund explicitly reveals who it’s reserved for:

“An applicant must be undocumented, over 18 years of age, ineligible for federal assistance related to COVID-19 such as the stimulus check or unemployment benefits, and able to demonstrate that they have faced financial difficulties as a result of the pandemic.”

The last section of the sentence fits just about everyone in California right now. There are millions of *actual citizens* that need this money, yet Governor Newsom is giving it to criminals that broke the law to come here.

Helping lawbreakers, with taxpayer funds no less, used to make someone an accessory. For Democrats and Governor Newsom, however, that will be conveniently ignored.