Joel Anderson Continues Pushing for Reopening of Local Lakes and Reservoirs

Written by Michael Palomba

San Diego County Supervisor candidate Joel Anderson continues to fight for the reopening of our lakes, something he’s been passionate about for weeks now.

In a recent announcement, Anderson informs us that El Capitan Reservoir, San Vicente Reservoir, Lake Barrett, and Lake Sutherland in East County will not be reopening. Consequently, “local fishing, boating, and hunting will suffer.”

The reason for these closures, and for some areas being closed indefinitely, comes down to this year’s budget. The COVID-19 crisis has caused states and localities across the country to face some unexpected and severe budget deficits. Now, city officials are trying to decide where they would like to make up some of those funds, and it appears that lakes and other recreational areas are on the chopping block.

Anderson says that this “simply cannot happen,” and wrote a letter to the County Board of Supervisors asking them to partner with the City of San Diego to share the cost of maintaining the lakes. “We must ensure that COVID-approved recreational activities like fishing, hiking, hunting and boating are preserved,” said Anderson.

COVID-19-induced lockdowns are finally coming to an end, and people everywhere are itching to go outside and enjoy life. When the time finally comes and we can go outside without restriction, lakes and reservoirs remaining closed will put a huge and unnecessary damper on things. Hunters, fishers, and boaters have been waiting to enjoy their favorite activities for months now.

Additionally, suicides and other mental health problems are on the rise as a result of the lockdowns. San Diegans need as many recreational areas and activities available as possible to help recover from these tough times. Mental health is no joke, and being cooped up inside for months is certainly harmful.

Anderson has started a petition calling on the Board of Supervisors to “step up and help preserve these important recreational activities.”

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Photo by serapio via Flickr