Republican Party of San Diego County Releases First Ever Resolution Demanding End of Governor Newsom’s Lockdown Order

Written by Michael Palomba

The Republican Party of San Diego County has issued its first ever resolution, demanding that Governor Gavin Newsom end the statewide lockdown. 

The timing of the move corresponds with a memo which revealed that Newsom intended to once again close parks and beaches statewide. After massive backlash, he said the order will be specifically targeted at Orange County, citing large crowds at beaches over the weekend as his motive.

The Republican Party of San Diego County rejects not only Newsom’s latest threat, but the ongoing statewide lockdown. The original objective of “bending the curve” has been achieved with remarkable success, allowing our hospitals to remain well within their space, supply, and professional capacities.

“Californians have substantially complied with unprecedented restrictions in order to ‘bend the curve’,” said Chairman Tony Krvaric. “With that objective achieved it’s time for Californians to get back to work, following common sense protocols. We demand Governor Newsom end the lockdown immediately.”

The governor’s original stay-at-home order and other coronavirus-related restrictions have drawn criticism from citizens across the state, and his latest move has Californians even more fired up. Rallies and protests are being held statewide in response to the excessive restrictions on basic freedoms, which are neither justified nor necessary given the latest COVID-19 data.

“The lockdown is having disastrous effects on the mental and financial health of millions of Californians, including increased suicides, domestic abuse, and substance abuse,” Krvaric added. “We seek a balanced approach recognizing our Fifth Amendment right to life, liberty, and property.”

The resolution enumerates the many issues resulting from the lockdown, which are arguably worse than the threats from the virus itself. Declines in mental and physical health, increases in domestic and substance abuse, disruption of the food chain, children being deprived of education and activity, and the list goes on. These are all major downfalls resulting directly from Newsom’s reflexive and authoritarian COVID-19 policies, which are not supported by science, data, or the Constitution.

The Republican Party’s resolution notes that “in a diverse state as ours, county governments and healthcare professionals are best equipped to decide what health protocols and precautions are appropriate for their particular regional circumstances, rather than a top-down, one-size-fits-all approach.”

Much like the reality on the ground isn’t the same in every state in the country, the circumstances in each city and county are unique and best addressed by those who understand them directly. Attempting to make every local decision in Sacramento removes the rightful authority of local governments and institutions, consolidating power in the hands of bureaucrats who have little connection to the communities they are making decisions for.

Understanding this pivotal point, the Republican Party of San Diego County called for “a balanced, regional approach, places authority and accountability where it belongs; in the hands of those truly on the front lines of the effects of battling COVID-19 such as local elected officials, healthcare professionals, first responders, small businesses, and families.” 

We learn more and more about COVID-19 everyday. Currently, the findings are encouraging and the threat posed by the virus is not nearly as grave as originally predicted. The trampling of our constitutional rights and way of life needs to come to an end, and that’s what the Republican Party of San Diego County is demanding.

Chairman Tony Krvaric appeared on KUSI News to discuss the resolution, with the interview below.