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San Diego City Councilmember Scott Sherman Statement on Mission Valley Stadium Site

Since taking office in 2013, the Mission Valley stadium site has taken a considerable amount of time and attention. Whether it was the ongoing drama of negotiations with the Chargers and their exit, the 2018 campaigns, or the ongoing talks with SDSU, finding a solution for the stadium site has been a continuous and time-consuming challenge. Councilmember Sherman issued the following statement:

“Believe me when I say, there is no one who wants to reach a deal and get this issue behind us more than me. This vote gets us closer to that goal.”

“I appreciate the hard work of City Attorney Mara Elliot and her team for standing firm while facing vicious political attacks from all sides. Without Mara’s steadfast work on behalf of taxpayers, we would have been left with the one-sided ‘take it or leave it’ deal proposed two weeks ago.”

“While this is an important step forward, much work needs to be completed. The devil is in the details and we need to get them right. Before the next vote, I insist that all materials be made available to the full City Council AT LEAST 72 hours before the vote.”


Photo by UCFFool via Flickr