San Diego County’s Accelerated Phase Two Reopening Approved

Written by Michael Palomba 

Last night, Gov. Gavin Newsom approved San Diego County’s request for an accelerated phase 2 reopening.

The San Diego County Board of Supervisors voted unanimously to approve the county’s plan for an accelerated reopening on Tuesday. A request was then sent to Newsom, because the governor’s approval is required to proceed.

A separate vote for San Diego to become a pilot program passed also passed by a 4-1 margin, with Supervisor Nathan Fletcher representing the lone ‘no’ vote. The second proposal has not been approved by the governor at this point in time. 

Newsom’s approval of an accelerated phase 2 reopening is great news for all of the struggling business owners and unemployed San Diegans whose livelihoods have been thwarted by the coronavirus pandemic. And while it’s better late than never, this could’ve been accomplished sooner.

Supervisors Jim Desmond and Kristin Gaspar have been pushing to reopen San Diego for several weeks now. 

Back in April, Desmond presented a proposal to open outdoor recreational activities and pushed for businesses to be open by May 1. Gaspar backed the proposal, but the rest of the County Supervisors shut down their proposal.

Weeks of economic hardship for thousands of San Diegans could’ve been avoided if Supervisors Greg Cox, Dianne Jacob, and Nathan Fletcher would’ve approved Desmond’s proposal a month ago. Nonetheless, we can’t change the past and it’s time to pick up the pieces of our broken economy and rebuild it.

The county likely would not even be reopening yet if it weren’t for the momentum created by Supervisors Desmond and Gaspar. They have led the fight to reopen San Diego since the very start, and their hard work will help San Diegans immensely.