Brian Maryott Releases Statement on George Floyd Murder and Violent Protests

The tragic death of George Floyd and the ensuing demonstrations across the nation have made it imperative for everyone to speak out against racism and hatred. Recently, congressional candidate Brian Maryott proudly spoke out in support of the peaceful protesters, while also warning those seeking violence that such actions wouldn’t be tolerated.

“Over the past week, our nation has been consumed by shock, outrage, and grief over the murder of George Floyd. The video showed a wanton disregard for human life. It was deeply disturbing. In the past few days, we have seen thousands of people expressing their feelings about this tragic event and that includes people here in both Orange County and San Diego County,” said Maryott. “The vast majority have conducted themselves in a peaceful and appropriate way. Sheriff Barnes and Sheriff Gore – along with their leadership teams and officers on the ground – have also responded well and with great professionalism. It has been a very difficult, demanding week for all.”

The San Diego Police Department has not only remained respectful of protesters and protective of all citizens, but is taking active steps to protect liberty and justice for all. Recently, they banned the use of choke holds as a detainment tactic, and reached out to the community to learn more ways that they can change for the better. However, both Maryott and the SDPD will not tolerate violent protests.

“Sadly, many cities around the country have also seen riots and other criminal conduct, particularly during the evening hours. There is no excuse for this kind of activity. If it doesn’t stop, it seems inevitable that there will be further loss of innocent life,” Maryott said. “Should that happen, it will pile more sadness and heartbreak on what is already a mountain. We remain hopeful for calm and healing in our communities. We seek justice for George Floyd.”