California Democrats Join Congressional Democrats in Ridiculous Virtue Signaling

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

After the death of George Floyd at the hands of a guilty police officer, Democrats across the country have been very vocal about their “support” for minority communities. Naturally, that means only one thing: Twitter posts and photo ops.

Congressional Democrats spent Monday kneeling inside the Capitol Building, seemingly paying homage to former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick. Not to be outdone, California Democrats mimicked this exact gesture of virtue signaling.

Since Floyd’s death, Democrats have been doing nothing but playing to their base. Instead of directly dealing with the issue at hand and addressing police training simply endorsing the prosecution of the officer responsible and leaving it there, they trot out the tired corpse of the Black Lives Matter movement and chant “defund the police.”

As is the case with every other controversy since the ascension of President Trump, instead of reasonably advocating for their policy preferences, Democrats have consistently chosen to be as radical as possible and tether themselves to extremist organizations like Black Lives Matter and Antifa.

Furthermore, virtually everything they accuse Trump of is what they themselves are currently guilty of doing. Anytime President Trump says something moderately controversial they accuse him of inciting violence, while blue checkmarks on Twitter are literally encouraging the rioters and no one bats an eye. In addition, Democrats burn Trump an effigy every time he does a photo op. Meanwhile, Democrats have the most ridiculous photo ops and are applauded as stunning and brave by a complicit media.

A man’s death should not be a photo opportunity. If Democrats are actually serious about the justice they claim to seek, then they should actually try to do something that will fix the issue instead of grab headlines using absurd photo ops.