Chula Vista Officials Cave to the Mob in Removing Christopher Columbus Statue

Written by Michael Palomba

Chula Vista is the latest to cave due to pressure from the leftist mob. The mob has gotten so powerful that even conservative Supreme Court justices are shifting left to appease them. Last week, the Court ruled against the Trump Administration in two landmark cases.

Now, Chula Vista is removing its Christopher Columbus statue from Discovery Park, where the statue has been since 1991. The city announced that “the statue was removed out of public safety concerns” and that it was “removed and stored.”

The real reason for removal is that a protest was planned for that location and city officials feared that protesters would try and pull it down, and possibly be injured in the process. If protestors are pulling down a statue, isn’t that in violation of the law? Why is this behavior being tolerated and even accommodated for? If the COVID-19 lockdown protesters had started rioting, vandalizing, and looting, you can bet force would be used and everyone would say it was justified. Why is it that when radical leftists do it, we stand down and allow it?

Statues are being removed, either by force or by order of local leaders, across the country. The latest to be removed include statues of George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, Jefferson Davis, and even the pioneer who claimed the land where the California Gold Rush started—and don’t forget Columbus, of course. All while local leaders are either orchestrating or allowing it.

This type of lawless should not be tolerated, plain and simple. I’m beginning to feel that we have lost this country to the mob. There is no valid reason for why everyone from famous NFL players to Supreme Court Justices is rolling over and forgoing their values to appease the fringe left. 

Several Chula Vista officials made statements regarding the statue’s removal.

“I really think that people need to be heard, and the historical pain that people have suffered, whether you like it or not, needs to be acknowledged if you want our nation to heal,” said Chula Vista Mayor Mary Salas. She included that she would like to see the statue removed, even though it isn’t directly up to her.

Chula Vista City Councilman Stephen Padilla said on Facebook that the state was removed “given all that is happening nationwide regarding America’s legacy of racism.”

America does not have a legacy of racism. We have allowed the Democratic Party to scar America’s name by convincing people that we are a racist country. The truth is that America is one of the least racist and most diverse nations in the world. Erasing and demonizing our history is just one of the many tactics being used by the left to tear America apart, and Chula Vista leaders are the latest to follow suit.

To his credit, Chula Vista City Councilman John McCann disputed the eagerness of his colleagues to bend to the mob. “You can’t erase history,” McCann said. “We should be uniting people over modern-day issues like homelessness, childhood education, instead of dwelling on issues that happened over 500 years ago that no one has the ability to change.”