Darrell Issa Encouraging San Diego to Continue Leading the Way in Reopening

Among the many local leaders advocating for Californians to safely return to their everyday lives is former congressman and current 50th congressional district candidate Darrell Issa. He’s standing up for working-class Californians while pressuring Gov. Gavin Newsom to allow us to get back to our everyday lives.

Issa has expressed his support for the recent reopening of many businesses, but explains that there are many other businesses and activities that must be revived. We may have gotten churches, salons, and barbers reopened, but there’s still a long way to go.

Nonetheless, Issa appears optimistic that San Diego will continue to lead the way in safely reopening, offering the blueprint for the rest of the state—and country. While other places remain largely shut down indefinitely, San Diegans have taken the appropriate steps to balance public health concerns with other serious considerations.

Many businesses have been forced to lay off workers or shut down entirely, severely hurting San Diego’s economy, which is why citizens are so eager to see the economy reopen again. San Diegans deserve the right to safely go about their lives and jobs without fearing government restriction, which is why advocates like Issa are so needed during these trying times.