Democrats Pass Racist ACA 5 in State Legislature, Will Appear on November Ballot

Written by Michael Palomba

It’s official, the racist and regressive ACA 5 has passed the State Senate. It will now appear on the November ballot, where voters will determine its fate. The resolution passed both chambers of the Legislature on rough party lines, with Democrats unanimous in support.

ACA 5, authored by Assemblywoman Shirley Weber, would repeal Proposition 209, which was approved by voters in 1996 and made discriminatory practices in public employment, education, and contracting illegal under the California Constitution. ACA 5 would remove that part of the state’s constitution and once again allow discrimination based on factors like race, gender, and ethnicity. It’s backward and it’s nonsensical, but you’ll be seeing it on your ballot this November.

The resolution itself is littered with Democratic talking points and is extremely hypocritical in nature. For example, here’s an actual excerpt from ACA 5:

“It is the intent of the Legislature that California remedy discrimination against, and underrepresentation of, certain disadvantaged groups.” In an effort to “remedy discrimination,” the State Legislature is working to legalize discrimination once again. It’s shocking that a resolution like this was proposed in the first place, but here we are.

State Senator Brian Jones was one of many to point out this blatant hypocrisy.

In reality, ACA 5 would be a disservice to everyone, including those whom it ostensibly aims to help. Data show that ending affirmative action actually benefited minority groups academically. Affirmative action had its time over two decades ago—and it’s an even bigger mistake now than it was then. We should be moving forward, not backward.

State Senator Pat Bates also released a statement following the bill’s passage. “I cannot in good conscience support a measure that would enshrine into law the soft bigotry of low expectations,” said Bates. “ACA 5 would be a step back from achieving Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream where we can be judged by the content of our character instead of the color of our skin. I hope California’s voters will reject the false promise of ACA 5 at the ballot box.”

America is not a racist country. No matter how much the left tries to label this great country as deeply racist and bigoted, that simply isn’t true. ACA 5 is an attempt to fix a problem that doesn’t exist, and it would make California more racist and sexist than it has been in decades.


Photo by Trending Topics 2019 via Flickr