Enough with the Endless Shutdowns

Written by Philip Mauriello Jr., Managing Attorney of Arete Law A.P.C. and host of the California Underground Podcast

This past week was the final straw where I decided I was done. I was done with the draconian efforts by our health officials to keep up the charade of power and authority. I feel that many are probably feeling the same way here in San Diego County.

The announcement came from her Highness, Queen of San Diego County, Ruler of the Southern Region of the California Republic, Dr. Wooten herself last week, when she declared that no longer will you be able to have people over for a BBQ or anyone over for holiday gatherings. Did you catch that? In a move that would make the Grinch green with envy, Dr. Wooten canceled the holidays with your family members. Just like that. Without any hearing or debate, Dr. Wooten just declared gatherings illegal until 2021.

Does anyone reasonably expect that this will be enforced? Of course not. After spending the last month demonizing our law enforcement, you now want them to start breaking up social gatherings at someone’s home? I doubt they will politely oblige.

In the same week, Queen Wooten was pressed on whether any of the people with new positive cases of coronavirus were asked if they had attended the recent—and ongoing—protests here in San Diego. Aloof, she asked a doctor off-screen and then explained they were not asking whether any of the new cases came from the protests.

This is infuriating enough, but it can put one in a rage when you realize that San Diego County also hit a ‘trigger’ that, according to health officials, means we have to slow down reopening and put some things on pause. Paused for how long? No telling, but the numbers went up and that was enough for Queen Wooten. Business owners who had been waiting patiently to reopen and salvage what they can are told to hold on because the numbers went up. But how dare we ask if the new cases have anything to do with the protests.

Does anyone else get the sense that these officials such as Queen Wooten and her cohort, King Fletcher, are now drunk on power? They have taken what was originally valid authority to confront this pandemic and turned it into their own serfdom, and we are just the lowly peasants. While our positive cases continue to rise and the deaths remain essentially the same, they continue to decree that we are to obey their orders. No pushback, no confrontation, just follow the orders you peasants, we’ll tell you when it’s safe to come out.

King Fletcher also decreed there is no place for “Trump Republicans” in San Diego, proclaiming from his throne what kind of political beliefs are allowed within his kingdom. Imagine, a duly elected politician telling the people what kind of voters are acceptable.

This is enough to make any sane person step back and go “What the hell is going on here?” Most people, Democrat or Republican, are starting to find these decrees neither sensical nor logical. They see the images on TV, thousands marching and gathering, but a simple Fourth of July BBQ is simply too dangerous.

I would suggest it’s time for the people to act, but they have been. Grassroots campaigns have been raging throughout all of this. Social media has been on fire with the contradictions of elected officials. Yet nothing is working in our favor. Instead, we get empty promises and faux outrage from elected officials who have actual power over the situation. I see Republican county supervisors getting on local news shaking their heads at Queen Wooten’s orders. As I watched in bemusement and wondered, “don’t you have the power to do something about this? You run the County, push back, make something happen.”

The whole situation pushes you to throw up your hands in disgust at the whole system. It has become perverted and detrimental to the citizens trying to live and work in San Diego County. If you are as fed up as I am, then you should be pushing for top-down change. Call out politicians—even if they are from your own Party. This simply cannot go on. This year, San Diegans can dispose of these despots at the ballot box. Make your voice heard and take back the power.