Mayor Rebecca Jones Leading San Marcos Back to Normalcy

Businesses have been slowly reopening over the past few weeks, much to the joy of San Marcos. Though the progress they’ve made is stellar, there’s definitely a few bumps that need to be smoothed out, which is why it’s so important that the City of San Marcos provides the support these businesses need during this process.

San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones has been listening closely to the needs of small businesses. Recently, San Marcos eased up its zoning ordinance to allow businesses to use the outdoors, such as patios, parking lots, and sidewalks. This allows for businesses to offer services such as curbside pickup and outdoor seating, which helps businesses keep customers safe through social distancing. The process is fast, easy, and permit-free.

“Now is the time to try and get back to some sense of normalcy… to bring people out, and give them a sense of normalcy and confidence that they can get out, and be safe while doing so,” said Mayor Jones.

These additional changes are examples of great leadership in San Marcos, with leaders who truly care about the citizens, businesses, and communities.


Photo by Ron Mader via Flickr