San Diego County Gun Owners Uphold Commitment to Second Amendment Rights Amid Riots and Looting

Written by Michael Palomba

San Diego County Gun Owners (SDCGO) has issued a statement regarding the riots, looting, and protests in San Diego County. Unlike most organizations, they are taking a largely neutral stance. With what feels like every business fiercely taking sides and shoving their views down customers’ throats, it’s refreshing to see some neutrality.

The SDCGO statement begins by condemning the brutality endured by George Floyd: “Our leadership and members are deeply saddened and horrified by the video we are all now familiar with that showed the unnecessary actions by law enforcement resulting in the death of George Floyd.”

However, they make clear that they are opposed to unnecessary violence, explaining that they “condemn unnecessary violence from any side. We value and cherish respect and understanding.”

And that’s something we should value and cherish. The country is more divided than ever, not over Floyd’s tragic murder, but the subsequent protests, riots, and movements. One half of the country is filled with blind rage, angered by what they saw. They believe that the U.S. is racist and needs to be torn down and rebuilt from the ground up. The other side completely agrees that what happened to Floyd was tragic and unacceptable, but understands that this is an isolated incident and does not represent the entirety of America.

Additionally, the recent riots are a very good example of why we must protect the Second Amendment. When threats of defunding police are gaining support and violent rioters endanger the lives of citizens and law enforcement alike, it’s evident that the right of self-preservation is vital.

“Recent mayhem in the streets, plus the impossibility of police protection being everywhere at once, is a frightening reminder confirming that our individual safety and our families’ safety are ultimately in our own hands,” SDCGO adds. “Every life is precious, which is the foundation for our advocacy of safety, security and the Second Amendment. It’s impossible to predict when you might need to defend the most important thing on this planet, our lives.”

The statement concludes with a call for law and order and a reminder that we will come out of this stronger: “For societies to flourish, the rule of law must assert itself. In many ways, our elected leaders have failed to protect us. But, we’re hoping this breakdown will ultimately turn into a breakthrough.”

SDCGO’s statement was much needed during this time. Liberal mob rule has made it virtually impossible for organizations to remain silent regarding the recent events, but a message of neutrality is far better than a message of division, especially when an organization like SDCGO stands by its priority of protecting our constitutional rights.