San Diego County Police Officers Compensated Nearly $2 Million in Overtime Pay Following Recent Protests

Written by Michael Palomba

Democrats have a habit of trolling themselves, and they’ve done it again. Their latest push to “defund the police” has had a consequence that they definitely did not see coming: police overtime pay.

In San Diego alone, nearly $2 million has been doled out in overtime pay, and all of that money went to deputies and support staff. The overtime pay is primarily compensation for law enforcement working additional hours during the recent protests.

The grand total of overtime pay from May 28 through June 4 was $1,862,798, according to the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department. The department also said that more than 24,000 officers worked throughout the protests. 

While police are being disrespected by elected officials across the country, the tune in San Diego is different. Earlier this month, the San Diego City Council voted to approve the 2020-2021 budget, which included $27 million in additional funding for the San Diego Police Department. A fringe minority demanding the defunding of the police was not appeased, and the overtime pay given to thousands of police officers is the cherry on top.

The overtime pay in no way makes up for the blatant abuse and disrespect that police officers have been facing lately, but it surely helps. Thank you to all the law enforcement officers out there who work so hard to protect us each and every day.


Photo by Tomás Del Coro via Flickr