San Diego Union-Tribune Censors Conservatives While Allowing Leftists to Post Vulgar Comments

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

If you are on the left, you can say whatever you want over at the San Diego Union-Tribune, no matter how vile. Conservatives get banned for offering virtually any criticism, however. 

It’s well known among conservatives that the U-T will ban many comments that are pro-Trump or anti-left. They do this under the guise of a guidelines policy that serves more as a “rules for thee, but not for me” situation that banishes conservatives from the conversation while giving leftists free rein. Now, here is definitive proof that the U-T’s guidelines are fake and simply a convenient way to eliminate dissident thought.

In the terms of service, one of the four rules states: “Be respectful: Keep things civil. Avoid abusive or offensive language, threats, hate speech, libel, personal attacks and calls for violence.”

Comment standards on the Union-Tribune website

On a recent article about a massive boat parade for President Trump that featured over 1,000 vessels according to a source who helped organize the rally, one poster blatantly violated rule two of the guidelines by calling President Trump the “most despicable lying, cheating, racist who watches Fox news and tweets while sitting on the toilet all day and plays golf on the weekends that has cost the taxpayers millions of dollars.” He later called the president that “worthless piece of garbage in the White House” and the “most incompetent fool who has alienated the US from all of our foreign allies.” The full comment is below:

If this doesn’t violate the Union-Tribune’s guidelines, one wonders what would. Given this blatant violation, did this comment get removed immediately, like every conservative comment on the site? No, of course. It was removed five days later after a reader, who reached out to San Diego News Desk and explained that several of his comments have been removed in the past, had to email the staff multiple times.

This is definitive proof that the San Diego Union-Tribune does not care for the standards of its comments section while also showing that they are deliberately removing conservatives. The fact that conservative comments get removed while such an egregious comment stayed up for nearly a week is clear evidence that the U-T has a leftist bias it refuses to recognize.