San Marcos Mayor Rebecca Jones Continuing to Support Local Businesses in Recovery

Mayor Rebecca Jones and the City of San Marcos have been excellent in their local response to COVID-19. Now, as the state economy begins to reopen, San Marcos has released a new COVID-19 business recovery plan to help business owners prepare to reopen safely.

At the end of March, a plan was released offering nearly $3 million in recovery funds to local businesses. According to Jones, all of the money has been distributed to help businesses stay afloat. In addition to this original recovery plan, a second phase has been released to build off the progress already made.

Titled the “COVID-19 Business Economic Recovery Plan,” this new initiative emphasizes support for commercial and regional tenants, financial assistance for businesses, business-friendly policies, and includes a safety checklist for reopening. More information on the plan can be found here.

“The Economic Recovery of San Marcos is vital to our overall success incorporating health, mental well-being and economic ability to provide for our families,” said Mayor Jones. “So proud of all we continue to do from short term loan assistance for our businesses to being flexible in our regulations to assist in their long term survival through COVID-19.”

Jones hopes that San Marcos residents will continue upholding social distancing guidelines during this difficult time to keep each other safe. Overall, however, she’s seen positive change across the board and encourages the public to keep up the great work.

“It’s been very humbling to be a part of this, and to watch our businesses have hope in front of them,” Jones added. “This is how we’re moving forwards.”