SATIRE: Fascist Fletcher Terrorizing “Trump Republicans”

Written by Michael Palomba

In a shocking turn of events, Mr. Lorena Gonzalez, also known as Supervisor Nathan Fletcher, has become the very thing once he claimed to be against: a fascist. 

Last week, Fletcher tweeted declaring that “San Diego is no place for Trump Republicans”:

Being a part of the liberal minority on the San Diego County Board of Supervisors, Fletcher’s claim that San Diego is no place for Republicans simply holds no merit. To make matters worse for Fletcher, news broke of President Trump achieving record approval within the Republican Party.

However, Twitter subsequently introduced its new ‘Send Mob‘ feature, much to Fletcher’s delight. He was infuriated that Republicans are so unified, and promptly took advantage of the new mob feature. Fletcher used to be a Republican, but flip-flopped over to the Democrats so the mob wouldn’t come after him.

Well, after using the mob feature, Fletcher has one again flip-flopped. He has now deemed himself “Fascist Fletcher.”

Fletcher was last seen roaming the streets of San Diego, terrorizing every Trump supporter in sight while shouting that “San Diego is no place for Trump Republicans.”