Senator Brian Jones Explains the Importance of Peaceful Protesting in Latest “Are You Kidding Me?” Video

State Senator Brian Jones started a political comedy series titled “Are You Kidding Me?”—AYKM for short—in which he questions recent government actions that simply don’t make any sense.

His most recent episode discussed the protests against heavy-handed government actions that have shut down businesses, parks, and houses of worship in light of the COVID-19 crisis. One of the largest protests in California took place in Sacramento, outside of the capitol building. Protesters peacefully walked and drove around the building, showing their support for reopening California. The next day, Gov. Gavin Newsom issued an order outlawing future protests.

“Outlaw the peaceful petition of government for a redress of government? Are you kidding me?” Jones exclaimed in the video. A subsequent protest on May 1 got the message across, and Newsom finally began working on a plan to reopen California.

Jones concludes the episode by emphasizing how important it is to protect our rights to peacefully protest, while not condoning violence of any sort. In light of protests erupting across the nation, it’s important for those looking to speak up to be aware of their rights while still abiding by the law.