Coronado Allocates Outdoor Space for Local Businesses Under Leadership of Mayor Richard Bailey

Written by Michael Palomba

Last week, the Coronado City Council passed a temporary measure permitting restaurants and gyms to use outdoor spaces, allowing them to continue to conduct business even as Gov. Newsom’s latest shutdown order cripples the state. 

Coronado Mayor Richard Bailey posted in celebration, saying “we recognize the importance of our local businesses, their team members, and the people they serve so we are committed to doing everything we can, within public health orders, to assist them during this time.”

Coronado is the latest to follow suit as cities throughout the county move to allow business to conduct their services outdoors. Poway and the City of San Diego have passed similar measures in the last few days, led by Mayor Steve Vaus and Mayor Kevin Faulconer, respectively.

“All existing brick and mortar fitness buildings are eligible to apply for a permit to use the newly available outdoor space,” Mayor Bailey added. “All typical commercial use permit fees are waived and approvals will be very timely.”

The push to move businesses outdoors is the latest attempt by lawmakers to help struggling small businesses during this extraordinary time. In the wake of Newsom’s latest authoritarian shutdown order, many business owners are losing hope and their financial security is at extreme risk. While this is not the ideal solution, it will certainly help thousands in the short term while we wait for the shutdown order to be scaled back.


Photo by Sim Br via Flickr