County Supervisor Jim Desmond Explains Why Punishing Businesses Complying with Public Health Orders is Unjust

County Supervisor Jim Desmond’s recent COVID-19 update discussed the spike in cases and what that means for San Diego. The number of cases in San Diego tripped the proverbial trigger that Gov. Newsom put in place, putting us among dozens of other counties that have to instate new restrictions in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.

Desmond noted that these will primarily be indoor restrictions, which will allow for and encourage businesses to provide outdoor dining services. However, he’s disappointed that we’re moving backward on economic reopenings.

“It’s concerning to see the governor call for more closures of businesses in San Diego County. A blanket closure of businesses and industries, many of which are barely hanging on, will have detrimental effects,” said Desmond. “Most businesses have complied with the safety guidelines and done everything that’s been asked of them. We should punish those who haven’t followed the rules, but allow the vast majority of businesses to continue to operate.”

Since day one, Desmond has been advocating for a safe and gradual reopening of the economy. He’s not alone in his dislike of statewide policies that revert the progress we’ve already made. Rather than instating blanket closures, we need to target specific businesses that aren’t abiding by public health orders and punish them accordingly.