Irredeemable: The Compassionless Religion of the Left

Written by Mary Anne Wentink

Hillary Clinton gave it away during the last election, but most of us got hung up on her use of the word “deplorable” in the same statement. She and her cohorts on the Left have embraced a new religion that allows for no deviance, no forgiveness, and no compassion. Confession and repentance have no place in their creed. A single misstep condemns the sinner forever, allowing no penance, opening the sinner to eternal shame and damning. This is the creed the Left has created and now takes to the street. This is the religion being taught in our schools. It is, ultimately, a religion of hate.

A statement as strong as the above needs proof, and every day we’re seeing it. Let us examine, for example, the so-called “cancel” culture” — a culture that is banning books and movies, toppling statues, casting heroes as villains, and insisting on renaming our institutions and airports. What is this but damning? To damn, in its most ancient interpretation, means to remove from all history, to assure that the damned is never again mentioned in thought or speech or writing — an expulsion so complete that the damned is forever forgotten. And damning is basically a religious concept, not a political one, except in the terms of a theocracy.

The Left would, of course, deny that — they supposedly only want “social justice.” Social justice is really a euphemism for socialism and Marxism, two systems that inevitably form totalitarian regimes to crush any individual freedom of action or thought. We see this today in China’s recent criminalization of Hong Kong freedom activists, now subject to life imprisonment for the crime of simply asking China to live up to its promises. This again is more religion than politics, and China accepts no obligation. When a system replaces God with State, the State declares itself immune to even the mildest forms of criticism.

And so does today’s Left: any who question any of its dictates are immediately labeled racist, sexist, bigot, homophobe, denier, and so on.

The term “denier” is particularly problematic. Originally coined to shame any who questioned the reality of the Holocaust and then used to question the Islamist attacks of 9/11, it’s now tossed against any who question “science” — or the Left’s contention that “man-made” climate change will destroy the planet within the next decade — and now any of the Left’s statements concerning the COVID-19 virus. That “science” should remain unquestioned is also a religious concept such as that which condemned Galileo under the Inquisition. Science, by definition, should always be questioned, but the Left has corrupted that tenet and replaced all actual science with the Left’s belief system, which endorses New York City’s official recognition of 31 gender definitions, including “Drag Queen,” “Butch,” and “Non-Binary Transgender.”

This allows for the definition of more transgressions. The California State Assembly now has banned the use of the words “his” and “her” in any discussion. Instead, the speaker must use the word “their” even when referring to a single individual. Anyone who refuses to do so is immediately subject to shaming and extolled to confess their sin.

Another “science” proclamation has come to the fore: whites are inherently racist, but no one else is — no one else can be. Racism is exclusively the taint of the Caucasian. It’s in their DNA. We now see Leftists demanding that whites kneel and confess their sin, a sin that cannot be redeemed regardless of how sincere the repentance. Whites are racists. Period. All whites must be shamed. If this is so, the corollary is inescapable. To erase racism, whites themselves must be eliminated. Combine this with the threat of man-made climate change, and our kids are being bullied and frightened into forswearing forever their own hopes of parenthood.

Another lie of the Left – Hitler, Nazism, and fascism all belong to the Right. This is an old lie. Most of us remember seeing the political chart, left to right, from Communism to Nazism with our two American parties set firmly near the middle. Even 60 years ago, our schools taught that the National Socialist Party was an aberration of the Right. Not so. Let us not forget that Hitler and Stalin saw themselves as natural allies until Hitler’s mad vision of world domination unleashed his troops against the USSR. Let us also not forget that Nazism has often been described as a religion, forever seeking legitimacy in its Aryan mythology and depraved scientific experiments.

As the Spanish Inquisition enforced its dictates with torture and stake-burnings, fascism enforced its dictates with brown-shirted thugs and concentration camps. Today’s China does likewise, though the shirt color might be different. The Left’s enforcers — Black Lives Matter and Antifa — march through our streets, attack businesses, topple monuments, and assault any who disagree with them. All with the eager compliance of a complicit media that assures us that none of this is happening and the only thugs are cops.

This, too, is being taught in our schools. All as a matter of faith. No wonder our public school educators are so opposed to charter — they’re preaching different religions. Where the charter schools emphasize freedom and opportunity, and religious schools emphasize morality and redemption, our public schools teach the following litany:

  • All slaveholders were evil and must be erased from history.
  • The Declaration of Independence, U.S. Constitution, and Bill of Rights were written by old white men and must be erased from history.
  • The U.S. was founded by racist whites who enslaved Blacks and killed Native Americans solely because of their skin color and must be erased from history.
  • Capitalism is bad because it leaves some people behind and encourages consumerism and global climate change and must be erased from history.
  • Anyone who ever spoke or wrote anything that could be interpreted as racist, sexist, etc. is an irredeemable deplorable and should be erased from our history or — if still alive — publicly humiliated, fired from his or her job, and allowed no means of redemption.
  • All police and firefighters are used to intimidate and undermine the activities of minorities and would-be revolutionaries and must be publicly humiliated, fired from their jobs, and allowed no means of redemption. Any of their necessary functions can be replaced by social workers, community organizers, and armed progressive enforcers.
  • The U.S. Military is a force used to colonize weak nations and intimidate all others against non-existent threats. It must be disbanded, and all of its members erased from our history or — if still alive — publicly humiliated, fired from their jobs, and allowed no means of redemption.
  • Anyone attempting to protect themselves or their property from peaceful protestors for social justice are greedy capitalists and must be publicly humiliated, fired from their jobs, and allowed no means of redemption
  • Any “science” approved by the Left may not be questioned or tested regardless of fact or rationale. Any who question this must be publicly humiliated, fired from his or her job, and allowed no means of redemption.
  • Any attack on America or its institutions is ultimately a good thing because America itself is racist and irredeemable and should be forever damned.

Yes, irredeemable and damned, and this returns us to the very heart of the matter. At its worst, the Spanish Inquisition allowed for confession, forgiveness, and redemption even for the very worst of mortal sins. This religion of the Left does not.


Editor’s Note: This article has been updated to reference the Spanish Inquisition, rather than the “Catholic Inquisition,” as the former is the more historically appropriate term.