Poway City Council Approves Mayor Steve Vaus’ Plan for Outdoor Spaces to be Made Available to Gyms and Churches

In light of Gov. Newsom’s recent restrictions for San Diego County, Poway Mayor Steve Vaus has taken an innovative, community-driven approach to helping his city.

The latest restrictions have prevented churches and gyms from going through with their usual indoor operations. Many are unable to host outdoor services on their own property, forcing these essential parts of the community to almost entirely shut down.

Vaus proposed a new solution: allowing local fitness businesses and houses of worship to use Poway’s parks for their services until indoor restrictions are lifted. The Sharing Outdoor Spaces (SOS) initiative allows citizens to continue enjoying gyms and churches safely outdoors, while playing fair under Newsom’s new guidelines.

The Poway City Council unanimously approved Vaus’ proposal, and the city has officially set up a website where businesses and houses of worship can reserve space.

Mayor Vaus has been the spearhead of Poway’s movement to help the community adjust to ever-changing guidelines. Recently, the Poway City Council approved Vaus’ plan to expand outdoor seating options for small businesses through picnic table loans. These steps resemble those taken by San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer, who has likewise proven to be a reliable and much-needed ally to businesses and the community at large.

Needless to say, loaning park space to churches and gyms is a great way to help the community return to normalcy despite challenges. As Mayor Vaus himself said, “When things get tough, you have to get creative.”


Photo by Sharon Tate Soberon via Flickr