San Diego County Democrats Rejecting Endorsements and Contributions from Police

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

In another blatant show of disrespect toward the police, San Diego Democrats have refused to accept police union contributions and reject any endorsements by them.

The recent banishment of police input on the future of the Democratic Party is yet another sign of how far left the Party has drifted and how many people they have left in the dust in the process. This is clearly a sign that the Democratic Party not only doesn’t care for the police, but actively disdains law enforcement. But this may also highlight another interesting trend, which is that Democrats may be beginning to lose the support of unions.

From the AFL-CIO head supporting President Trump’s USMCA trade deal to this recent abandonment of police, Democrats are beginning to lose one of their most solid voting and contribution blocks. This may not mean much for San Diego given that Democrats control the City Council and will also hold the mayoral seat starting next year, but it means more for the national political landscape in the coming years.

They’ve effectively eliminated pro-business and pro-life Democrats, and now police unions are being forced out the same way. On a national level, this may very well result in an unprecedented defeat for Democrats. There is already a precedent for this with the United Kingdom election last year. Due to the fact that the Labour Party had alienated much of the working class, the Conservative Party experienced a major victory—even in areas that had been Labour strongholds for decades.

The disrespect that has been shown to the police is disgusting given that they risk their lives daily to protect our communities. This disrespect should hopefully show officers that Democrats are willing to disregard and antagonize law enforcement if it means appeasing the fringe elements of their Party.