San Diego Fireworks Celebrations Proceeding in Four Republican-Run Cities

Independence Day weekend is finally upon us. Though many traditional fireworks shows have been shut down due to concerns over the coronavirus pandemic, four cities in San Diego have chosen to put on their traditional shows for 2020.

Vista, Poway, El Cajon, and Santee will all proceed with their respective fireworks displays planned for Independence Day. All shows should be visible over a wide area in their respective cities, so viewers can see them while keeping a safe distance.

Vista will be offering tickets for drivers to their event at Brengle Terrace Park, which allows attendees to bring chairs and blankets while abiding by social distancing protocol.

“I’m just excited that we’ll be able to come together on some level as a community and celebrate our heritage as Americans,” said Vista Deputy Mayor Amanda Rigby. “It’s important as we get farther and farther from that date back in 1776 that we not forget who we are, where we came from, and why we are who we are.”

In Poway, simultaneous fireworks shows will be occurring at Poway High School and the Sportsplex in the South Poway Business park at 9 p.m.

“This is one of those events that binds a community together,” said Poway Mayor Steve Vaus regarding the fireworks shows. “For so many reasons, we’re in a time when we need to be bound together and just enjoy the traditions that make America great and special.”

All four of these Republican-led cities have proven that their patriotism reigns true. While other cities have given up on putting on shows, these four are upholding this great American tradition. Republicans led the coordinated effort to move forward with the celebration, going above and beyond to ensure that residents will be safe and not have to endure an Independence Day that lacks its traditional hallmarks.