San Diego Increasingly Affected by Governor Newsom’s Lockdown Orders

Written by Julianne Foster

Last Monday, Gov. Gavin Newsom tweeted that, due to new COVID-19 cases “spreading at alarming rates” in some counties, he has chosen to take steps backwards in the reopening process. San Diego is among five other counties that have been specifically asked to close indoor operations for restaurants, wineries, movie theaters, zoos, museums and cardrooms.

As previously ordered in other counties, bars must close all operations. This closure will last three weeks, according to San Diego County Supervisor Greg Cox.

San Diego was targeted to close back down after appearing on the state watch list for three consecutive days. As of last Tuesday, San Diego County has seen 6,284 new cases and 61 new deaths in the past two weeks, with 17 of those deaths being in the past week according to reports by state health officials.

Many restaurants are cooperating with the new restrictions, but still making the most of it by continuing to offer outdoor seating options and take out orders. The San Diego Zoo and Safari Park are continuing to keep their doors open since activities are predominantly outdoors.

County Supervisor Jim Desmond has continued to be a voice of hope and reason on behalf of San Diego businesses. He stated that he had not heard of a single outbreak at a winery, brewery, or zoo; the locations mentioned by Newsom in his latest announcement.

“The see-sawing of peoples’ businesses and livelihoods is devastating,” said Desmond. “Businesses that have abided by the rules, practiced the social distancing, and required masks are now experiencing a second shutdown.”

Businesses are struggling to create a safe environment for customers that is compliant with state guidelines as they prepare for a second wave of closures. San Diegans who recognize the importance of small local businesses are doing their best to support them during these difficult times.