SATIRE: Karen Lawson-Remer Seen Nagging San Diegans at Local Gas Station

Written by Michael Palomba

Democratic County Supervisor candidate Karen Lawson-Remer has a new bone to pick with non-mask-wearers throughout San Diego. This time, it’s over wearing masks, outdoors!

Yup, you read that right. We all know that masks indoors are a good idea to slow the spread of the coronavirus, but Karen believes they need to be worn when outdoors and by yourself!

In her latest attempt to enforce this ridiculousness, she complained to her buddy and San Diego County Public Health Officer Wilma Wooten about gas station patrons not wearing masks.

The situation started when Karen went to get gas at her local Costco, and noticed that some drivers weren’t wearing masks. Gas stations are outdoors and pumps are more than six feet apart, so there’s no reason for a blanket, authoritarian mask order over them.

However, with Wooten and Karen being Democrat buddies, action was taken swiftly—and with no logical reasoning. Wooten slapped a local Costco gas station with a violation and declared that masks must be worn by all patrons of the gas station.

Thanks, Karen.