State Assembly Candidate Melanie Burkholder Receives More Endorsements and Adds to Campaign Team

State Assembly candidate Melanie Burkholder has been earning reputable endorsements over the past few weeks.

The Association of General Contractors endorsed Burkholder for her support of open competition. She hopes to ensure any qualified vendor can compete for work, regardless of whether or not they belong to a union.

She also received an endorsement from the Howard Jarvis Tax Association. Burkholder staunchly opposes the constant push to raise taxes that has occurred over the past decade. California Democrats are yet again attempting to raise taxes this fall by abolishing split roll, and she hopes that her presence in the assembly can help stop them.

Asian-Americans for Equality, a non-profit organization dedicated to enriching the lives of Asian Americans and all of those in need, also voiced their support for Burkholder. Carmel Foster, an immigrant, entrepreneurial independent contractor has also endorsed her, recognizing that Burkholder is committed to repealing the disastrous and oppressive AB 5.

Lastly, the Burkholder campaign welcomed Sunshine Makarow, who will serve as the Marketing Director. Makarow is a former Democrat with expansive experience and knowledge in messaging, management, social media, and marketing.

These wonderful endorsements and achievements are great reflections of Melanie Burkholder’s character, honor, and dedication to service, and will be much-needed moving into election season.

For more information about Melanie Burkholder’s campaign, visit MelanieForAssembly.com.