State Senator Brian Jones Votes Against Legislation that will Cripple Small Businesses

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Last week, State Senator Brian Jones voted against SB 1383, which would mandate that private businesses pay employees for several months worth of work in the form of “family leave.” Though Republicans were against the legislation and many Democrats broke ranks to vote no, the bill passed nonetheless. 

SB 1383 requires 12 weeks of paid leave for employees. The bill applies to small, mid-sized, and large employers and has no meaningful exceptions. Any employer with five or more employees must obey the bill and bear the costs.

“This is the final nail in the coffin of thousands of small businesses in the once Golden State,” Senator Jones explained. “The wealthy Democrat Governor and his liberal elite allies in the Legislature have put a bullseye on hard-working Californians.”

The bill was labeled a job killer by the California Chamber of Commerce because it will destroy many small businesses that are unable to afford paying employees who are not working while still keeping their doors open. 

“SB 1383 harms all employers, but disproportionately harms the smallest employers in California – many of whom are minorities, women, and veterans – at a time when they can least afford it,” Jones added. “This bill will put small businesses out of business.”

During a pandemic and the worst recession in state history, businesses can’t afford to have workers on three month paid leave when they are already struggling as it is.