The Old Globe Desperately Trying to Please Far-Left Activists

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

In a rather hilariously cringeworthy turn of events, The Old Globe has caved to social justice activists, but for no real reason. Maybe conservatives didn’t get the memo, but apparently Facebook censors black people and posting on Facebook means that you are actively working to silence blacks.

“We do not condone the use of our money to be spent on promoting hate speech, discrimination, and racist practices embedded in Facebook’s algorithm,” a statement from The Old Globe reads. To combat Facebook’s “racism,” the Globe will not post on Facebook or Instagram throughout July. It’s unclear if this is a temporary decision to placate the mob since the message says nothing about after July.

Most conservative news sites and journalists would use a situation like this to try and convince people and companies on the center-left to not cave to the mob. This article is not a message for the Left, it is for the Right. We are winning. These clowns are so disoriented and confused regarding their doctrine that they are attacking each other. 

Facebook often makes CNN look far-right, yet leftists treat the site like it’s the Daily Stormer. This pointing and sputtering is not in any way a loss for conservatives, and is in fact a sign of a very positive trend for Republicans. 

Napoleon was a brilliant commander in large part because he understood one very important tactical rule: never interrupt your enemy while he is making a mistake. President Trump used this strategy brilliantly with CHAZ, and if conservatives continue with this strategy, the Left will destroy itself.

Like in CHAZ, the Left isn’t attacking conservative institutions, they are attacking each other. They are not going after Parler or Fox News, they are attacking Facebook. This is not our problem and any action by conservatives will simply be twisted by the Left anyway. The more that the Left gets worked up over social justice purity tests, the more moderates leave in droves.