California Attorney General Xavier Becerra Suing Trump Administration for Excluding Illegal Immigrants in Census

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

California Attorney General Xavier Becerra recently filed a lawsuit against the Trump Administration over a memo that stated that illegal immigrants will be excluded from the Census in order to get a more accurate representation of the electorate. Becerra claims that doing this is unconstitutional, but it’s clear that the only reason he is bringing up the case is because California stands to lose several congressional seats as a result.

“You can’t be a law-and-order president if you keep breaking the law,” Becerra said in a statement. “The latest attack on the census is just that — it’s unlawful. President Trump still believes he can sidestep the U.S. Constitution.”

The question is how this is unconstitutional in any way. Whose constitution is this, exactly? The people who are not citizens, broke the law to enter the country, and are not legally allowed to vote? That must be the argument because there is seemingly no other explanation.

As previously stated, this is entirely political for Becerra. California owns more than 10% of the seats in the House of Representatives. Given that California has more illegal immigrants than any state in the country, the state has much to lose by not having its illegal residents included in the Census. Becerra is a far-left Democrat, and the state is overwhelmingly Democrat in terms of congressional representation.

The fact that Becerra is using illegal immigrants as a political tool is wrong because it misrepresents the electorate of the state. There is no reason why criminals who are not even allowed to vote in the first place should ever determine the political situation of California.


Photo by Gage Skidmore via Flickr