County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar Planning Outdoor Catering Event to Help Local Businesses and Bring the San Diego Community Together

Smaller industries, such as catering and event planning, have been hit in unique ways by the pandemic, and haven’t seen much relief. However, County Supervisor Kristin Gaspar has come up with a unique solution to help catering businesses that have been hit especially hard by the pandemic.

Gaspar proposed opening up park space for local businesses to organize themed pop-up catering events with pre-sold tickets. She’s ready to spearhead the very first one in San Diego’s own waterfront park, and Mayor Faulconer and his team are ready to throw a luau.

COVID-19 precautions will be carefully followed. Attendees must pre-book tickets, and will be seated only with family. The same safety procedures in place for restaurants will be followed at the event.

Supervisor Gaspar hopes to make tickets free for all first responders and frontline medical workers, and calls upon the community to help make it possible through their generous donations. She encourages those who have that ability to reach out to her directly.

“We should take advantage of this time and year. We need a break too! Day 141? That’s a long time to be in this response mode. I’m proud of our community, proud of our businesses, proud of our first responders… way to go, San Diego!” Gaspar said. “We’re doing everything possible to keep our community safe and move through this, but during this time we need some things to look forward to as well, and this might be a great way to get the community involved.”