State Budget Deficit May Grow by $100 Billion as Democrats Pile on Spending

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Recently, Gov. Newsom was caught lying about the state having a balanced budget. The budget included more than $20 billion in loans, but if Democrats get their way, the total will be much higher.

Democratic legislators are now attempting to create a $100 billion economic stimulus plan. Some are adamant that they will not be raising taxes, but in this situation, neither option is viable. Either raise taxes and risk harming more families and businesses, or pile on crippling debt. Democrats have chosen the latter, because they’ve already tried the former.

California Democrats may now want to prevent raising taxes for political reasons, but the $100 billion plan is a lot of strain to put on a state’s economy. 

In addition to this lavish plan, Democrats will not cut any existing wasteful spending. Almost $1 billion is still going to renovate the State Capitol, and that’s on top of $75 million in taxpayer funds for illegal immigrants, and an insolvent public pension fund that becomes more costly each year.

This is not a plan that will work for in long term, but for California Democrats, that simply doesn’t matter. This kind of deficit spending will fiscally destroy California in the coming years, but who cares? California Democrats can say on campaign ads that they didn’t raise taxes or cut “essential programs” and that’s what’s ultimately important to them.