Candidate Profile: Dan Quirk for Del Mar City Council

Dan Quirk is the Republican Party of San Diego County’s endorsed candidate for the Del Mar City Council. He has lived in Del Mar with his wife, Brie, for the last decade, deciding to run for office to represent the community he’s fallen in love with.

Quirk studied finance and history at Notre Dame University, preparing him for an extraordinarily successful career. He has spent much of the last decade working with SageView Advisory Group, an institutional investment firm that advises clients on over $100 billion in assets. His finance background and love of data ultimately led him to the Del Mar Finance Committee in 2013, the Measure Q initiative he helped initiate, and a deep engagement in the civic life of Del Mar.

Measure Q was a voter-approved initiative to fund key local infrastructure projects including the undergrounding of all the utility lines in the city. Unfortunately, the Del Mar City Council suspended the approved projects even though the funds had been allocated via Measure Q—and many voters are frustrated as a result. A government body that refuses to implement the plans approved by the public is refusing to serve its representative function, which warrants real change.

The Del Mar City Council has also restricted local businesses immensely. From regulatory codes to financial burdens, the city has pushed countless businesses elsewhere, taking jobs from those who need them are depleting the local economy.

“Downtown Del Mar is struggling compared to our neighbors,” Quirk explained. “The City has many counterproductive policies for businesses ranging from outdated parking codes to excessive red tape for small businesses that want to open up and do business here.”

Quirk is also adamant about forcing city officials to use taxpayer funds responsibly and efficiently. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown just how important fiscal accountability is to the sustainability of a community.

“As a past member of the City Finance Committee, I have a strong understanding of our budget challenges arising from the coronavirus crisis,” said Quirk. “There are many opportunities to save money and improve service levels.”

While Quirk’s understanding of data would undoubtedly create a more responsive and efficient local government, his community service also speaks volumes about his character. Quirk has volunteered with numerous organizations throughout his life, including Father Joe’s Villages in downtown San Diego. He understands the challenges surrounding issues like poverty, homelessness, and mental illness are complex, but is optimistic that data-driven solutions will help turn the tide.

Quirk has identified significant opportunities to improve the governance of Del Mar through technology, data, collaboration, creativity, responsible government, and more efficient processes. He is dedicated to finding solutions in consultation with the residents of Del Mar, who’ve been ignored all too often by the current City Council.

For more information about Dan Quirk and his campaign, visit DanQuirkDelMar2020.com.