Candidate Profile: Joel Anderson For San Diego County Board of Supervisors

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Joel Anderson is the Republican Party of San Diego County’s endorsed candidate for the San Diego County Board of Supervisors District 2. He is a former California State Assemblyman and State Senator.

Throughout his entire career, Anderson has been committed to helping small businesses succeed in a state that makes it increasingly difficult for them to do so. For his service in helping struggling small businesses during the recession, Anderson was named “California State Senate Legislator of the Year” by the California Small Business Association and California Small Business Roundtable in 2011. He also has received a 100% rating from the California Chamber of Commerce for his work in cutting job-killing regulations. 

In addition to helping small businesses, one of the other main issues he is concerned about is ensuring that there is more affordable housing. With 40% of the cost of a home resulting from government regulation, removing much of the bureaucratic red tape that prevents housing development is a big priority. Many San Diegans are being priced out of their communities, and Anderson is looking to change that. 

One of his other top priorities is to help the homeless and mentally ill. In the State Senate, he supported multiple pilot programs for mental health and homeless services and he wants to see San Diego County implement such programs. “The same old approach will get us the same old results,” said Anderson. “It’s time for a more aggressive change in strategies that is compassionate without enabling unacceptable behavior on our public right of ways.”

His extensive experience in building bipartisan support for policies that put working class Californians first is much needed on the Board of Supervisors. Few people have the expertise and communal capital of Anderson, who remains very appreciated by the multitude of small businesses he has fought for throughout his career.

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