Candidate Profile: Phil Urbina for Carlsbad City Council

Phil Urbina is the Republican Party of San Diego County’s endorsed candidate for Carlsbad City Council District 4. Urbina is a 23 year resident of South Carlsbad, and few people understand the unique culture and challenges of the Carlsbad community like he does.

What was once a small vacation-style town has blossomed into a thriving community in the last few decades. The growth and success of Carlsbad is something that longtime residents like Urbina are extremely proud of. From great schools to a beautiful coastline, Carlsbad has become a generational home for countless families, and it’s vital that elected officials understand the diligent work that goes into preserving and improving such a city.

“Carlsbad has always been a place where families thrive. We enjoy the benefits of top-rated schools, economic opportunity, and responsibly funded police and fire departments. Because of this, Carlsbad has continued to inspire generations of civic-minded leaders,” said Urbina. “I believe through responsible government, commitment to thoughtful stewardship of our local environmental resources, and investment in the vitality of our locally owned businesses we can continue to nurture the health and wellness of our City.”

Urbina has been deeply involved in Carlsbad for spent decades now, beginning in the local newspaper industry. Since then, he has worked in government affairs in the cable television industry, spent nearly a decade as a local small business owner in Carlsbad, and served as Chairman of the Board of the Carlsbad Chamber of Commerce. Through this experience, Urbina has learned just how important it is to have a business-friendly city council that promotes local businesses rather than restraining them.

Beyond his business expertise, Urbina demonstrates immense gratitude of the Carlsbad community by volunteering for a variety of organizations, including the Carlsbad Hi-Noon Rotary Club and St. Elizabeth Seton Church, Boys & Girls Club of Carlsbad, La Costa Youth Organization, and Carlsbad Christmas Bureau. In fact, Urbina was named Carlsbad’s Citizen of the Year in 2015 for his incredible work in the community.

“Over the years I have enjoyed to opportunity to learn and participate in almost every facet of Carlsbad life giving me the unique combination of proven leadership and deep understanding of the community in South Carlsbad,” Urbina said. “As your next city council member for district 4, I pledge to preserve the quality of life that makes Carlsbad a city where families thrive.”

For more information about Phil Urbina and his campaign for Carlsbad City Council, visit Phil4Carlsbad.org.