Candidate Profile: Ryan Keim for Oceanside City Council

Ryan Keim is the Republican Party of San Diego County’s endorsed candidate for Oceanside City Council District 4. He is focused on the issues that affect Oceanside residents the most and would bring years of experience helping the community with him to the City Council.

Keim is currently serving on the Oceanside City Council. He was appointed in January of 2019 when the seat was vacated as a result of a transition to district elections. Prior to sitting on the council, Ryan was very active in the community. He served as a lifeguard as Oceanside city pools during college and also served on the Police and Fire Commission in 2005. In 2006, he joined the Oceanside Police Department and worked on numerous assignments like the Neighborhood Policing Team and the Gang Suppression Unit. After serving in the OPD, Keim held the position of Public Affairs Director and primary spokesperson for the San Diego County Sheriff’s Department.

As someone who knows what the people of Oceanside truly needs, Keim has a set of priorities that he will continue to fight for if he is reelected this November. 

Public safety and crime come in as some of his top priorities: 

“As a former Oceanside Police Officer, law enforcement executive and member of the Oceanside City Council, I have spent my career working to make Oceanside as safe and enjoyable as possible. We have reduced violent gang crime by 60% since 2010 and brought other crime levels to the lowest rate in decades.”

Additionally, Ryan Keim realizes the importance of protecting Oceanside’s beaches and the environment. 

“Currently we do not have usable beaches south of Wisconsin St. for a majority of the year and urgent action is needed to fix the problem. I was proud to spearhead a project in 2019 that will begin the process of replenishing our beaches. While we are on the right track, it will take continued will to ensure a solution is identified and funded.”

Next, Keim wants to create a better environment for small and local businesses. He refers to them as “the backbone of our economy” and says they are “vital to the success of Oceanside”

“It is crucial our City creates an environment in which business can thrive…”

Throughout his time as a city councilman, Ryan has met and talked with business owners across the city to learn what changes they would like to see and how the city can better support them.

Last, but certainly not least, Keim calls the homelessness crisis “one of the most pressing issues facing local government today” and insists that it needs to be confronted “head-on.”

“Using a compassionate but tough two-prong approach, we need to provide critical services to those that will accept them but just as importantly, we need to diligently address the crime and quality-of-life issues surrounding the crisis.”

For more information about Ryan’s campaign and his vision for Oceanside, visit RyanCKeim.com.