Carlsbad City Councilwoman Cori Schumacher Files Restraining Order against Senior Citizen Constituents

Written by Michael Palomba

Carlsbad City Councilwoman Cori Schumacher has quietly filed for a restraining order against three of her own constituents. All three of the individuals mentioned in the court documents are over the age of 60, and one is 75-years-old. Schumacher alleged that she “fears for her life” as a result of the actions of these three senior citizens.

Her petition for a restraining order and the subsequent details were revealed today on KOGO News Radio during The DeMaio Report. The complaint stems from social media comments in which the seniors said things along the lines of “we’re watching you” and “you should just get out of town.”

“The idea of telling a politician, just get the hell out of our town, that happens all the time,” explained former San Diego City Councilman and radio show host Carl DeMaio. “Now it may not  be polite, okay, but it goes with the territory.”

Co-host Lou Penrose follows up with, “Yeah, that’s the rally cry of anybody who wants to get the bums out of office.”

That commentary really sums up the situation perfectly. Obviously, telling someone “get out of our town” isn’t the most polite or productive thing to do. However, as an elected official, you must expect criticism and you can’t just file a restraining order because people dislike you. Can you imagine how many people have made similar comments about President Trump and other elected officials? I don’t see any of them rushing to get a restraining order. And we’re talking about senior citizens here, not some seasoned criminals who actually pose any type of danger.

Councilwoman Schumacher applied for “a violent restraining order,” which will now go to family court.

“Now by the way, this restraining order goes into family court… Our court system is already clogged, it’s already delayed, with real cases that need to be addressed by judges. And along comes self-entitled Cori Schumacher,” DeMaio added. “The rules for thee, but not for me. And she decides to butt in line in front of battered wives, battered girlfriends, domestic violence—true victims of violence that need restraining orders and she decides ‘I’m going to demand a restraining order from the court’… because three constituents have been critical of her on social media.”

This is truly despicable behavior from Schumacher, and it’s not even the worst of what we’ve seen this week. She has also come under fire for her actions during a recent Clean Energy Alliance (CEA) meeting. During the meeting, Schumacher fought for verbatim implementation of the language used by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW) electrical union. This language would open the door to Project Labor Agreements (PLAs) and essentially provide the union with a monopoly on all industry contracts. The kicker here is that the IBEW has donated over $20,000 to Schumacher over the last two years, creating a clear conflict of interest.

Carlsbad City Councilwoman Cori Schumacher has gotten way too comfortable in her position. In addition to actively retaliating against a trio of senior citizens who disagree with her, she is fighting for the wants of big unions rather than her constituents, who opposed PLAs by a 75-25 margin. Enough is enough.