Democrats Viciously Smear Supreme Court Nominee Amy Coney Barrett

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Amy Coney Barrett is officially President Trump’s nominee for the Supreme Court. Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA) is leading the Democrat effort to block her from the Court, and like many other party foibles, the strategy they are using will backfire.

The way Democrats do everything nowadays is similar to that of an online troll or a schoolyard bully. They will attempt to find any chink in their opponent’s armor—no matter how obscure or irrelevant—and constantly hone in on it to attack their victim. If necessary, they will even make one up.

They did this last time around by making up accusations about now-Justice Brett Kavanaugh, which were suspiciously sent to Democrat politicians and not the proper authorities. Any time he was perceived as “weak,” such as when he teared up and was angry about being called a “gang rapist” in front of his wife and kids, was merely used for cheap political points by saying he lacks the “temperament” for the Court. Democrats are now attempting to do the same thing to Barrett, but their new angle is utterly myopic.

They are attacking her for being a devout Catholic, of all things. They like to make fun of her by photoshopping her into a dress from The Handmaid’s Tale, a young adult fiction novel popular among teenage girls. Most of us haven’t read the book or seen the show because we aren’t teenage girls, but apparently it’s the new favorite show among Democrat leaders in government and the media.

Furthermore, the anti-Catholic angle is ridiculous because a huge portion of the country is Catholic, and attacking people for being religious looks a lot like militant atheism. The Democrats have already lost the rust belt, anti-war voters, and potentially union voters. Attacking Catholics is only going to make President Trump’s upcoming landslide victory even larger.

The hysteria surrounding Amy Coney Barrett’s nomination to the Supreme Court will surely be as bad, if not worse, than what Brett Kavanaugh experienced. Voters should take note of the despicable behavior that Democrats will display, and respond accordingly at the ballot box.