Massive Sunday Boat Parade Shows Incredible Support Behind President Trump in San Diego

On Sunday, thousands of local patriots joined together for a boat parade to show their proud support for President Trump. The event was in the works for months, and received national attention for its massive size and success.

With thousands of boats in the water and thousands more standing on the shores waving their flags, hats, and banners, the rally showed just how strong the energy is behind President Trump here is San Diego. Further, it revealed how tired San Diegans are of being prevented from working and enjoying numerous aspects of their lives because of the incessant closures and lockdowns.

This was San Diego’s second massive boat parade for President Trump in recent months, though these events have been organized and put on across the country. The overwhelming sense is that freedom-loving patriots have had enough of being stuck in their homes, and are standing with the president as he fights against the Democrats’ agenda.

The stark contrast between these rallies and the violent riots carried out by far-left groups like Antifa and Black Lives Matter is also very telling. One side features peaceful patriots showing their love for this nation, while the other displays violence and vitriol that has no place in a civilized society. Between the lockdowns and the riots nationwide, this election truly shows the gravity of the moment and the importance of the November election. Democrats keep exclaiming that “democracy” is on the ballot, but the truth is that the future of America is what’s on the ballot.

If these recent rallies are any indication, Americans are not ready to give in and are proud to stand with a president who stands with them. Future events between now and the election are sure to substantiate this even further, as Americans become more and more aware of what’s at stake.

To see what Sunday’s boat parade looked like, check out the video below: