Proposition 22 Must Be Passed to Begin Full Repeal of Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez’s Disastrous AB 5

Written by Nicholas Vetrisek

Prop 22 must be passed in November, plain and simple. If passed, it would be the first step in eliminating the harmful effects of AB 5, written by notorious Assemblyman Lorena Gonzalez, on the economy.

Prop 22 will specifically negate AB 5 with regard to app-based drivers. Essentially, drivers for Lyft, Uber, and DoorDash will be reclassified as independent contractors, as they were prior to this year. While AB 5 as a whole must be repealed, this is at least a start. Hopefully, this initiative will cause a larger chain reaction that will ultimately end AB 5 once and for all.

Support for this bill was spurred on by Lyft and Uber threatening to leave California, until a judge granted their appeal. It’s unfortunate that companies are forced to resort to threats in order to function, but this is exactly the system that Assemblywoman Gonzalez designed. If it were up to her, these companies would be out of business—and those who work for them unemployed.

If Prop 22 fails in November, hundreds of thousands of independent contractors will lose their jobs and San Diego alone will lose millions of dollars as companies like Grubhub, Uber, and Lyft leave for good. As average people, it doesn’t get much worse. If AB 5 remains intact, then getting around San Diego meaning getting used to using filthy, overpriced taxis again.